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Lesi got her master degree in Exercise Physiology in 2013, from Florida State University. During the 2 years there, she cheered at every home football game for the Florida State Seminoles, and did her comprehensive study and research in Exercise Physiology.

Lesi gave a presentation at 2014 American College of Sports Medicine Annual Conference about on her master thesis "Effects of Long-term Adherence to Resistance Training on Strength and Body Composition In Breast Cancer Survivors" in Orlando, FL.

After graduation, Lesi worked as a wellness coordinator at retirement community and as a fitness instructor at San Diego Continuing Ed, teaching Health Education, Body Dynamics and Tai-Chi.

Lesi takes fitness seriously. She is a weight lifter, half marathon runner and a long-time yogi.

Recently, Lesi has restarted Ballet. She danced for seven years during childhood, and she once again now find the conection between dance and music hugely inspiring.


Lesi enjoyed collaborating with other musicians. One of the most fun experiences was arranging 

Piazzolla piano trio with Euphonium and alto Saxophone instead of cello and violin.


Other than piano, Lesi has played saxophone for 2 years in band in high school. She is also an in-the-process percussionist - she finds hitting the marina with mallets very zen.


Lesi served on the committee of 2016 San Diego International Competition for Outstanding Amateurs. She enjoyed connecting with musicians from all over the world.

Lesi is an avid instagram too. She literally takes pictures of everything that's beautiful. 

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