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Time Lingers

Continuing their trajectory of pushing musical boundaries for the past 40 years, Composers Concordance releases another musical benchmark album with Todd Rewoldt (saxophone) and Lesi Mei, (piano). "Time Lingers" includes fifteen tracks of originals, arrangements, and previously unrecorded music written by seven unique composers, including Gene Pritsker, Mark Kostabi, and Faye-Ellen Silverman.


Curated by Robin Haigh, "Twenty" is a collection of piano pieces by the most promising voices working today. Recorded at home by an international team of pianists: Lesi Mei, Fidan Aghayeva-Edler, Daniel Chappell, Greta Åstedt, Andrew Morris, the album is released on July 31, 2020, with all revenue going to COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. 

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